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Tear Dangling Bracelet

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Product main image Tear Dangling Bracelet


Tear Dangling Bracelet

A delicate 18K gold chain bracelet featuring a single tear-cut diamond handcrafted by Unsaid master artisans. See more details

White gold

Tear Dangling Bracelet
Tear Dangling Bracelet
Featuring an adjustable loose chain crafted in 18K gold.
A teardrop of joy
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Product Features


Pure joy, materialised in lab-grown diamonds.

The Tear Dangling Bracelet is a jewel of sheer joy. Here, a single lab-grown diamond in the original Unsaid tear-cut dangles from an adjustable 18K gold chain. The tear-cut compresses the traditional pear so that the facets cut into the surface, each point towards the diamond’s edge. Resulting from its flat shape– diamond tears may appear larger when viewed directly due to the absence of their pavilion. This precious diamond has delicate appearance held in a unique flawless setting, radiating the true nature of a beautiful tear. Perfect for daily wear and to combine with other Tear jewels. Available in white, yellow, and rose 18K gold.

More details

Jewel reference U6BR8

Gold weight 18K 1.15g

Total diamond weight 0.15ct

Every Unsaid jewel is handcrafted in our atelier. Products may vary in terms of gold weight and number of stones, depending on the size selected.

Size guide

A perfect fit

Our bracelets are designed to slip onto every wrist with ease. The length of some bracelets is adjustable for a perfect fit.

The inspiration

Beyond words

The Romans said humanity descended from the gods’ tears made of diamonds. Myths and dreams tell them as jewels, rain, and nourishing rays. Alchemy interprets them as softening of one's hardened nature. Paulo Coelho wrote, "be aware of the place where you are brought to tears. That's where I am, that's where your treasure is."

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