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Redefining the narrative to create new meaning in today’s world
Make a difference
Since its inception in 2019, Unsaid has committed to pioneering a future of luxury that positively impacts people and the planet. With the mission to make a difference, Unsaid translates real stories into low-impact, carbon-neutral luxury jewels. Reflecting the world's evolving nature, each collection materialises a different symbol to immortalise precious moments in one's life.
Disrupting boundaries of innovative design
Through creativity and modern science, Unsaid jewels fashions never-before-seen diamond cuts that capture each collection's true essence and emotion. In 2022, we created the Reminiscence Ring, the world's largest lab-grown diamond ring of 35.9 carats. All profits from its sale will be donated to two charities committed to protecting the planet. In 2023, the science and innovation used to materialise the modern icon was awarded a Red Dot Design Award for its use in our REM X Ring. Our philosophy is that the only way to pioneer the future of luxury is to be both the ripple and the wave as changemakers with an eco-centric vision.
Our teams are based between Paris, Antwerp, New York and Mumbai and leverage state-of-the-art expertise and savoir-faire across countries to create a unique jewellery experience. Our wish is for an Unsaid jewel to become a memento of your own— a symbol unique to your past, present, and future to come.
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