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Phoenix Yellow Statement Cuff

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Phoenix Yellow Statement Cuff


Phoenix Yellow Statement Cuff

A single statement earring cuff featuring ten lab-grown See more details

Yellow gold

Phoenix Yellow Statement Cuff
Ten lab-grown diamonds in the original Unsaid phoenix cut, feather from the forward helix to the bottom lobe.
Yellow and white lab-grown diamond feathers, bright as the suns rays
Phoenix Yellow Statement Cuff
Phoenix Yellow Statement Cuff


Phoenix feathers— one of the earth’s most rare possessions.

The illuminating Phoenix Yellow Statement Cuff illustrates the ray-like feathers of a soaring phoenix. A combination of ten yellow and white lab-grown diamonds cresting from the forward helix to the bottom lobe, all featuring the original Unsaid phoenix cut. A phoenix feather is regarded as one of the earths rarest possessions as they are taled to be actual rays of sunlight. Set in 18K recycled gold, the Phoenix Diamond Feather Statement Cuff is a jewel of wonder. The legend states that whoever holds a phoenix feather harnesses their strength and regenerative powers. Available in white, yellow, rose 18K gold.

More details

Jewel reference U10ER6

Gold weight 18K 6.00g

Total diamond weight 5.00ct

Every Unsaid jewel is handcrafted in our atelier. Products may vary in terms of gold weight and number of stones, depending on the size selected.

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A perfect fit

Whether a stud or a dangling chandelier, our earrings don't differ in size - only design and length. All you need to choose is the right occasion to wear them.

The inspiration

Rise again

Mythology and art show the phoenix as a mark of rebirth and renewal. Egyptians accepted it as the sun god Ra who flew to Heliopolis, the city of the sun. While gathering spices, the sun set its roost on fire as it landed, burning the phoenix in flames. From the ashes, the bird resurrected to begin a new five-hundred-year life cycle.

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