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Whirlwind Pavé Earrings

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Whirlwind Pavé Earrings

Designed as a heart in a fluid, the silhouette of these diamond earrings represents the dynamic nature of a whirlwind. See more details

White gold

Whirlwind Pavé Earrings
Whirlwind Pavé Earrings
From their twisting turning form to its full covering of dazzling lab-grown diamonds, these earrings embody the moments that truly make us feel alive.
A jewel sculpted to twist and turn, with no two angles looking the same
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Whirlwind Pavé Earrings
Whirlwind Pavé Earrings
Product Features


Heart inspired earrings covered in dazzling lab-grown diamonds.

Handcrafted from 18k recycled gold, the modern silhouette of the Whirlwind Pavé Earrings is an abstract impression of a windswept heart. The brilliant-cut, lab-grown diamonds in this pair are designed to hang just below the lobe so that the asymmetric heart sparkles from every angle. Pair them with the Whirlwind Maxi Pavé Earrings to create a statement earring stack silhouette. Available in rose, white or yellow recycled gold.

More details

Jewel reference U2ER6

Gold weight 18K 7.75g

Total diamond weight 4.95ct

Every Unsaid jewel is handcrafted in our atelier. Products may vary in terms of gold weight and number of stones, depending on the size selected.

Size guide

A perfect fit

Whether a stud or a dangling chandelier, our earrings don't differ in size - only design and length. All you need to choose is the right occasion to wear them.

The inspiration

Beautiful chaos

Inspired by artistic and historical references that capture the wind's power, civilisations around the world regard the wind as the earth's breath—circling over water, igniting the energy of creation. For the Navajo, the wind is a unifying force of nature, holding light, darkness, the mountains, and the four cardinal directions in its power.

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