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Reminiscence Ring
A futuristic icon— the world's largest lab-grown diamond ring.
An ode to the planet
Crafting the world’s most giant lab-grown diamond ring was a labour of hard work and passion. It took nearly two years of calibrating lab-grown technology with hand-craftsmanship before the 35.90-carat Reminiscence Ring was unveiled in Paris during Haute Couture week 2022. The Reminiscence Ring, an ode to our precious planet, harvests collective memories of the Earth in its fourteen signature bubble-cut diamonds. Boundaries of design and innovation had to be broken to transform sketches of bubbles into a futuristic ring.
Cutting-edge technology
The extreme precision of facets and diverse angles make this jewel a triumph of creation. Exclusively developed by Unsaid, the unprecedented bubble cut lends the ring an estimated number of 1,300 facets, making its brilliance unique and dazzling. Moreover, each stone has a rigid tolerance of only +/- 0.1mm in diameter and height and a minimal + 0.1˚ of side angles.

Unsaid spent eighteen long months growing fourteen diamonds of the correct size and colour before being shared with experts worldwide to materialise the 158 rough lab-grown diamond carats into 4,22 grams of gold and 35,90 carats. Furthermore, a proprietary setting was developed to seamlessly interconnect each of the fourteen stones at their unique positions along the powerful silhouette.

Technology can only help 80% of the way; in the end, human craftsmanship will pass the limitations and put everything in place.

Yoram Finkelstein, diamond designer
Avant-garde creation
Although sculpted after the bubble’s fluid shape, the Reminiscence Ring generates a magnetism like that of the planet or the sun. Unsaid is set to auction the masterful jewel later this year, where proceeds will be shared between One Tree Planted and Sea Shepherd in commitment to protecting the planet.
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