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March 4th, 2021
3 min
3 min
March 4th, 2021
Influence past the literary world
Otegha Uwagba, according to the Sunday Times, is one of seven young writers “changing the literary world.” With three books under her belt, endless features, contributions, and podcasts, Uwagba is not only changing the literary world, but she is changing the world at large. Her written works, published by 4th Estate (Harper Collins), have become international staples to the entrepreneurial spirit and socially aware. Uwagba is the epitome of enterprising and dynamic.

The process of writing this book, improved my relationship with money because it made me confront a lot of the reasons I feel the way I do.

Growth from a transgenerational and soceital mentality
Oregha Uwagba-splits her latest book. We Need to Talk about Money, between cultural commentary an memoir, Pouring a mix of data, personal experiences, and the experiences of generations before her onto her pages was the unwrittenrecipe to confronting financial taboos
Money as a state of mind
While money is a tangible, worldly possession, it is also a state of mind. Uwagha discusses the effects currency has over all facets of life and how our perception of it shapes our interaction with it. Talking through her own relationship with money helped her grow from the proverbial boogeyman it once was

If money can evolve from valuables like salt in Ancient Rome, why shouldn't women grow from societal and behavioural expectations? Uwagba's analysis on what wealth means and how we discuss it is her steady path to financial freedom. It's meta like that.

We grow and evolve with each new experience. Tomorrow’s you is different than yesterday’s you.

What means the world to you if money means the world to me.
Growth is only possible with embrace. Uwagha's savvy comes from her desire to observe and, improve change where she feels necessary. Growth is a constant practice, so is talking together, they walk hand in hand towards a better understanding and holistic peace.

There is strength and wisdom to be learned in taking the financial responsibility of one's life, and there is beauty in strength. Uwagba's personal investigation is atool of ownership and empowering womanhood.
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