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July 23rd, 2022
3 min
3 min
July 23rd, 2022

Sound’s healing properties and a path to resurrection.

It took over a decade before Jasmina (musical name RONI) decided to leave the fashion industry. Having given all of her time, energy, and mental fortitude to that world– she found herself at a low point in life, despite the amazing family she gained within the industry.

She wished for her memory back, but RONI struggled to find her bass due to severe burnout. That’s when the music stepped in, and together, RONI was born.

“I worked in fashion for a long time, and I realised it wasn’t nourishing me anymore,” said RONI. “I felt I lost a part of myself, and music was the way to heal. It helped me rebuild myself and reconnect, so the Phoenix figure is something I identify myself with because I feel it’s what I’ve been doing.”


When I was a teenager, I loved listening to Joy Division and this kind of vibe—rock music. I’ve kept this obsession with chains and I have all types, from big to small.

But through sound, RONI was able to experience the upside of renewal. After, of course, facing the flame from which she would rise.

“It was not easy, and it took several years to feel comfortable again, but this is what music has brought to my life. It was important to me but also the last thing that remained when I got lost in everything.”

After regaining her mobility, today, RONI is a resident DJ of Rinse France, who also plays throughout Europe, owns Nehza Records, and loves to dance in clubs.

“I would say what I’m doing with the label is exploring all the sounds I like in electronic music. It’s a place where I let go and pick the music I love,” said RONI. “I just released a compilation with nine different artists from all over the world– it goes from jungle to techno, to breaks… so yeah, it’s a bit of my playground, I would say.”

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And the playground she moves to is also the one she dresses for.

“I like to wear refined stuff and mix it with large shirts or random clothes. I love this ring because it feels like the diamonds are holding themself, and I also really like that it’s all open; it’s like open to anything that can happen in life,” shared RONI. “At least that’s how I relate to it.”

RONI wears her label shirt, which reads “Protecting Nature is Our Religion”, paired with the Phoenix Open Statement Ring. Follow her at @roni_nza.

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