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Flame Ember Bracelet

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Flame Ember Bracelet


Flame Ember Bracelet

A chain bracelet set with three "Flame" cut diamonds is a statement of strength and passion. An exclusive signature of Unsaid Paris, the diamonds are captured in 18K recycled gold.
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Rose gold

Flame Ember Bracelet
Jewelry handcrafted from renewable energy.
Exceptional diamonds in 18K recycled gold
Flame Ember Bracelet
Flame Ember Bracelet


The incandescence of flames

The Flame Ember Bracelet is an ode to light. Three "Flame" cut diamonds, hand-set in 18-karat recycled gold, dance to the rhythm of your movements on a delicate chain. It is also punctuated with diamonds, which sublime your wrist with a myriad of sparkles. Their fiery and dancing curves of the flames are perfectly highlighted by a refined setting. The "Flame" cut, an exclusive signature of Unsaid Paris, with its 37 facets and flame-shaped table, captures the very essence of fire: its warmth, its passion and its brilliance. The diamonds are created from renewable energy and symbolize Unsaid Paris' commitment to protecting the planet. The chain adjustable on three lengths, allows you to find the perfect size for your wrist. Ideal for a special occasion or to add a touch of glamour to your everyday look. Available in 18K recycled white, yellow and rose gold.

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Jewel reference U13BR1

Gold weight 18K: 1.30 gr

18K recycled gold

Total diamond weight: 0.62 carat

Patented Flame cut: 37 facets

Diamond colour: D-E-F

Diamond clarity: VVS1 to VVS2

Delivered with an IGI certificate above 0.5 carat

Certificate of authenticity is included

Size guide

A perfect fit.

Our bracelets are designed to slip onto every wrist with ease. The length of some bracelets is adjustable for a perfect fit.

The inspiration

The fire within

Fire, one of the four classical elements in Greek philosophy, symbolises energy, assertiveness, and passion. According to myth, Prometheus stole fire from Mount Olympus, defying Zeus to aid humanity's progress. He hid a flame in a fennel stalk, delivering this symbol of knowledge and power to mankind, knowing they would use it to change the world.

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